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Waterhouse Seeds Ltd. is a family farm located just north of Naicam, Saskatchewan owned by myself, Gary, and my wife Janice along with our four children: Nathan, Jennifer, Caitlyn, and Jayne.

We primarily grow alfalfa and grass seed, rotating cereals in periodically. Several years ago, we built our own seed plant to eliminate the middleman between our farm and the cattle producer who grows the hay or pasture. Our cost structure is significantly lower than large retail seed dealers as we have lower overhead costs. Consequently, we can sell our seed for a lower price and pass on the savings to the farmer.

We have sold seed to many farmers over Western Canada who will tell you they have had very good results using our seed. We clean all of our seed to the highest standards because it is important to us to provide quality seed.


We are always available to discuss the unique problems and issues that you face with your forage decisions. 



In addition to grass and forage seed, we offer a variety of custom pasture, forage, and hay blends, and we will work with you to find the best solution for your fields. 

Some possible options for the alfalfa portion of the blend could be:

Up to 80% of my Waterhouse blend of alfalfa which has great stand ability, excellent regrowth and is one of the leafiest alfalfas on the market. This is a tap rooted alfalfa and is the variety that always sells out first. The winter hardiness of this alfalfa is excellent - we have rolling clay and sand hills and it can get very windblown and bare some winters. We have seen very little damage to winter kill over the years. 


I would suggest mixing in about 20% creeping root variety which would fill in any bare areas. This variety has a deeper crown to withstand more traffic and is very winter hardy. It is also one of the more productive varieties and should provide good 2nd cuts if the moisture if sufficient.

For the hay portion of blends, you can go with either smooth brome (for hay fields) or meadow brome for pasture blends. We have certified or common and coated or bare seed available. We have all varieties of other grasses like timothy or orchard grass as well.





Multi-Foliate Varieties

Common Creeping Root Varieties

Special Varieties of Alfalfa

Common Tap Rooted Varieties

     $2.35/lb + $.15 Innoc.

$2.37/lb +$.15 Innoc

$2.34/lb + $.15 Innoc.

$2.28/lb + $.15 Innoc.











Grass Seed


Meadow Brome - Certified


Smooth Brome

Crested Wheat Grass

Tall Fescue


Kentucky Blue Grass

Orchard Grass

Other Grasses Available



Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover

Red Clover

Alsike Clover






Haymaker Special  


One of the most common hay blends in Western Canada - it provides the rich Alfalfa nutrients and excellent forage while the taller growth of Smooth Brome makes it easier to hay.

Alfalfa (3 way blend of our best Alfalfas)                 70%

Smooth Brome                                                         30%

Pasture Blends 


Meadow Brome 

Crested Wheat 




0 to 15%

5 to 20%

Horsemans Special 

(for pasture or hay)





Crested Wheat

20 to 30 %

20 to 30 %

20 to 30 %

10 to 20 %


Alkalai Blend


This blend tolerates alkali very well and will produce excellent quality forage. It can tolerate some spring flooding but does not tolerate waterlogged soils.


Slender Wheatgrass

Russian Wild Rye


Smooth Brome

Crested Wheat







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